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December 26, 2008

DRX9000 Spinal Decompression vs. Inversion Table Therapy

Dr. Robert Boydston, a Chiropractor in Fresno...utilizing the DRX9000 Spinal Decompression System, Elaborates:

Lowback I consult with sciatica, back pain, herniated disc, and spinal stenosis patients every day in my Fresno Clinic. A common question I am asked is..."what is the difference between spinal decompression with the DRX9000 Lumbar Spinal Decompression System versus the inversion table I can buy for $200 online?"

There are a lot of differences. I hope to shed some light on the differences between the DRX9000 Spinal Decompression System vs. Inversion Table Therapy...so you can make your own choice about your back treatment needs.

First let's talk about Spinal Decompression and what unique attributes make it effective in the treatment of back pain, degenerative discs, herniated discs, and sciatica.

The truly significant feature of spinal decompression is it's ability to create a negative pressure inside the lumbar discs. The negative pressure, which acts like a vacuum, draws water, oxygen, and nutrients into the disc....re-hydrating it...and pulling bulging disc material away from the spinal cord and nerve roots.

The problem is...manufacturers of both the DRX9000 Spinal Decompression System and inversion tables...claim to achieve this same goal. Why does an inversion table come with a $200 price tag while a DRX9000 comes with a $100,000 price tag?

The obstacle that must be overcome...In order to distract the vertebrae enough to create a negative pressure inside the disc...is the muscles. The spinal muscles stabilize, move, and protect the lumbar spinal discs and joints. If an outside force is applied to the spine...the protective mechanism in the spine, called a proprioceptive response...causes the spinal muscles to contract. This muscle contraction prevents separation of the lumbar vertebrae...which means a negative pressure is not achieved...therefore no decompression is achieved.

Medical engineers at Axiom Worldwide, the manufacturer of the DRX9000, overcame the natural muscle contraction problem when they designed the DRX9000. They were able to accomplish this in a couple ways.

First, when they designed the DRX9000, they programmed it to pull on a logarithm. For those that are not math teachers, a logarithmic pull means that the machine approaches its maximum pull...very slowly...fooling the spinal muscles into not resisting the pull.

Second, the decompression force is cycled. It cycles through its maximum and minimum force throughout the treatment. It loads and unloads the discs. The muscles can never adapt to the decompressive force...because the force is constantly changing.

Third, the DRX9000 has a very sophisticated computer that monitor's the decompressive force. It actually monitor's the force 20 times per second. If it senses any resistance by the spinal muscles...it immediately makes an adjustment...by decreasing the force of the pull. As soon as it detects the muscles are relaxed it begins pulling again. This means the machine is never fighting the muscles. This results in relaxed muscles...separation of the vertebrae...and a healing decompressive force applied to the spinal discs.

Fourth, the DRX9000 has the ability to adjust the angle of pull to target a specific lumbar disc level. If there is a bulging disc between L4 and L5 then we can set the angle of distraction to target that disc.

In summary the combination of a logarithmic decompressive pull, the cycling of the force, computer aided feedback, and the ability to treat specific disc levels is what separates the DRX9000 Spinal Decompression System, from other devices, like inversion therapy, that claim to do the same thing.

Inversion tables cannot create the type of force necessary to create a negative pressure inside the lumbar discs. Inversion tables lack the mechanisms needed to overcome the natural muscle contraction response of the lumbar spinal muscles. It may create a stretch on the muscles...but it's not able to repair a bulging, herniated, or degenerated disc.

Does this mean that inversion tables have no value? Of course I am not saying that. I AM saying that it is not the same as spinal decompression. Inversion tables definitely have their place, as many people who have used them with success will tell you.

If you have a bulging disc, herniated disc, or sciatica, then it is important to consult a doctor who specializes in the non-surgical treatment of lumbar disc problems. If disc problems are not properly addressed, they can lead to future physical limitation, pain, and possible surgery. It is important to receive proper treatment...before you are staring surgery in the eye.

Ultimately, it is up to each person to decide what is right for them. Your health is the most important thing you have. Most people don't realize this until they lose it. Don't let a lumbar disc problem turn into a problem that limits your physical abilities because you want to save a few dollars on proper treatment. Your health and well being are not worth risking.

Do you suffer with chronic back pain or a herniated disc, and would like to see if the DRX9000 and the ATM2 Back Pain Machine can help you? Call the Boydston Institute...in Clovis, CA...just 2 blocks east of Fresno...at 559-297-9218. Ask for a Spinal Decompression Consultation with Dr. Robert Boydston. 


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It means that DRX9000 Spinal Decompression System is better than inversion table, doesn't it? Some people haven't been familiar with DRX9000 Spinal Decompression System. Some of them prefer to choose inversion table. Whatever will be chosen, hopefully all give the best effect.

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